America is opening up! Flight travel with us is offset

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America is opening up! Flight travel with us is offset. With the welcome news that America is finally opening its borders to international travellers in November, offset your carbon footprint with Green Sky Travel.

As Carbon Neutral Britain says, “saving the planet starts with you”. A YouGov study of over 9000 consumers found that they were 57% more likely to choose a service from a business that is acting on climate change and the environment. By travelling with Green Sky Travel you will be contributing to a carbon-neutral Britain by reducing and offsetting your Carbon Footprint and reverse your impact on climate change.

So how does it work?

Your carbon footprint represents the amount of CO2 you produce each year. The lower your Carbon Footprint, the smaller your contribution to climate change.

At Green Sky Travel we are dedicated to reducing carbon emissions for every mile you travel. We work in partnership with eforests and offset our carbon footprint by planting new trees throughout the UK.

Some facts!

Over the course of a tree’s lifetime (50 – 100 years), it typically absorbs 0.5 tonnes of CO2 although the majority of CO2 is absorbed within the first 25 – 50 years.
Many trees live for hundreds of years. Yew trees often live for 1000 years. Overall this time the trees will continue to absorb CO2

Why use Green Sky Travel

  • Experienced drivers – Fully licensed, insured, and enhanced security checked.
  • Travel in comfort and style in high-end vehicles
  • E-Class Mercedes, V-Class Mercedes, 7 Series BMW or S-Class Mercedes
  • Strong Environmental promise – carbon neutral company
  • Offset your onward travel – Find out more
  • Competitive Pricing
  • FREE Wi-Fi & Bottled Water
  • Meet & Greet Service
  • 60 minutes of FREE waiting time on arrival times

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America is opening up! Flight travel with us is offset

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